Jen Bobich, L.M.T.

About Jen


Jen Bobich, Licensed Massage Therapist   

Colorado School of Healing Arts  720 hour Certificate                  


When muscle ailments hold you back, allow me to help move you forward again.


My intention as a Massage Therapist is to bring relaxation and restoration to your body.  The Denver area is full of entertainment and activity.  If pain or injuries are preventing you from living the life you wish, let me help revive your active lifestyle. Massage for movement is my passion and working together with me will allow your muscles to rehabilitate and move more freely.


Massage is a calling for me. Fitness, wellness and massage have been a lifelong interest of mine. After 20 years as a geologist, I was ready for a change into a career that would allow me to help others. I enrolled in a massage program at the Colorado School of Healing Arts expecting relaxation massage to hold my interest. I soon discovered sports and medical massage practices enthralled me. This realization led me to study the amazing benefits of sports, structural, and deep tissue massage methods.


I spend as much time as possible hiking, skiing, mountain biking, rafting, and running in this beautiful state.  Massage treatments helped me recover from athletic injuries and maintain muscle health, so I understand the value of combining a regular massage program with physical therapy and activity. I plan to continue building my skills in therapeutic massage to help others achieve the same success. It makes me very happy to see the relief in clients from these techniques. I now love every day in my new “office”!